One day, the decision to learn Spanish just came and I did something about it. I’ve always wanted to speak the language but I was hesitant for fear that I would get laughed at. So I bought this rocket Spanish scam software that made learning Spanish easier.

I went around the apartment with the headphones attached to my head because I was listening to the words, trying to build the vocabulary. I would then interact with the software that made me repeat the words over and over again until I was familiar with both the sound and the words. Eventually I had enough vocabulary in my brain; however, I could not say them out loud when outside the apartment.

I decided to read articles about learning Spanish and one of the tips said that I had to speak the language to others. Unfortunately, I was really scared about that whole aspect, speaking to strangers in a language that they spoke as natives.

So I decided to just speak the words and the sentences that I had in store. I would go around the apartment and point at objects and said their Spanish equivalents, I would look at my dog and speak to her in Spanish (this confused my dog) and I just kept doing this in the privacy of my apartment for about two weeks. I made a resolution that I would only speak the Spanish language in my home.

I found myself in the market one day and I was buying some fresh ingredients for a dinner I was hosting that night and I was surprised when a lot of the people in the market were all smiles and giving me great prices. They had never done that before and I had shopped there for years. It was only later that I realized that I was actually speaking to them in Spanish and they were talking to me in Spanish. It was an unconscious act and I found that speaking the language with other people actually made me speak it better.

I now speak Spanish as often as I could, especially in the Hispanic community. Oh, and my dog has learned to obey orders spoken in Spanish.