Rosetta Japanese is an elegant software that manages to simplify the task of both speaking and writing. There are enough tools in this software that will anyone to do it. This program uses visualization method for teaching new words. This is better since humans normally learn new words this way. This is the natural method used by all human being for learning new things.

The image to word association techniques followed in the software will teach you new words quickly which is a bit similar in rocket japanese review. There is no need to memorize lists of vocabulary and grammar rules. Learning new words is made it so simple in this software. You will still be able to cover all the fundamentals. You will learn vocabulary and grammar as go through this game like application.

When you are listening to native speakers you will automatically learn the pronunciation. You have to respond to new words using a speech recognition system. This facility is incorporated to practice new words you have learned. You will be getting immediate feedback on what you are learning. This immediate feedback is about your comprehension and accent. Rosetta Japanese is more expensive than many language training programs.